Hemp is an annual plant from the cannabaceae.

It has been cultivated for a very long time by man for its oakum (fibre), from which he has made fabricand ropesand sails until the advent of cotton, exotic fibres and then synthetic fibres. Synthetic fibres marked the beginning of the decline in the use of hemp by man.


"Hemp or Cannabis?

Both terms refer to the same plant. "Chanvre" (French) is simply the translation of the Latin word "cannabis". The former is commonly used to designate the varieties industrial (poor in THC) and the second for varieties medicinal or recreational (rich in THC). It is also sometimes called hemp seedlike the name of the hemp seed.

Did you know?

Hemp has been one of the first plants domesticated by man. For thousands of years, at least since the Neolithic period, man has cultivated it abundantly in order to survive. feedthe dressto make ropesand sailsthe paperthe fueland medicines...

Hemp has even been grown as a basic necessity between the 16th and 19th centuries, until more profitable industries emerged.
Unfortunately, they are also infinitely more polluting, and the resources they exploit (oil, forests, cotton, etc.) are generally limited.

Now that we've exhausted a large proportion of the earth's resources and are facing massive pollution, it's high time we turned to more sustainable resources. At Cannavie, we firmly believe that hemp has a role to play in this. transition.

To illustrate all this, we invite you to watch a video that was filmed at our open days in August 2018:


La first bible published by Gutenberg (1456) and the American constitution (1776) were printed on hemp paper.

At the time of the sailing boatsall ships were equipped with sails, ropes, ladders, shrouds... made from hemp.

In the 1930s, Henry Ford developed a car whose chassis and the bodywork were made from hemp. To top it all off, she drove on biodiesel of hemp! Unfortunately, the project didn't go any further...