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Washing-up sponge glove

The resilient sponge is a washable dish mitt, 100 % natural produced in short circuit in Belgium in the respect for workers and theenvironment. Our hemp sponge is fully biodegradable, compostable and naturally antibacterial.
  • Lasts up to 24 months. Machine wash at 40° every 5 to 8 weeks. Resistant to 90°.
  • Ethical and environmentally-friendly Belgian production, generating less than 1 % of textile waste.
  • All components are Oekotex Standard 100 certified.
  • Product 100 % natural, Vegan, compostable at home, recyclable and plastic-free.
  • Guaranteed dye-free, already washed, ready to use straight away.

Cannavie Gift Card

Immerse your loved ones in the soothing world of hemp with our gift card. Give your loved ones the opportunity to discover an exclusive range of quality products, carefully selected for their effectiveness and benefits.  

Small hemp rucksack

Small only in appearance, this eco-friendly hemp backpack, hand-woven according to Nepalese traditionsIt's the perfect size for carrying everything you need on a daily basis.

Hemp pouch

If you're looking for a natural-style vegan wallet, this is the one for you. Made without animal substances, this vegan wallet is made from Nepalese hemp. Exterior :
  • Taffeta: 100 % hand-spun hemp
  • Chevron: cotton warp, hand-spun hemp weft
Interior :
  • Lining: cotton
  MAINTENANCE Wash your item by hand in lukewarm water, to preserve the brilliance of its hand-dyed finish. Leave to dry flat in the shade to avoid warping.

Bhangara" hemp wallet

This hemp wallet is the perfect blend of craftsmanship and nature. Every detail is a celebration of craftsmanship: it is hand-woven with hemp from the Himalayas, giving it a unique authentic look and a natural elegance. Composition :
  • Outer: 100 % hand-spun Himalayan hemp
  • Lining: cotton, upcycled rice
  • Metallic YKK closure

Hemp rucksack

Made from 95% of sustainable materialsBiruwa is a ecological backpack with a sleek, elegant design! It combines the world's most eco-friendly natural fibre, hemp, with upcycled materials. An unprecedented result, unique, silky and joyful ! The colours listed below are those available in stock.

Reversible hemp bag

Samanatha is a unique shoulder bag with a reversible system that can be customised ad infinitum! A double zip allows the bottom part of the bag to detach. So you can turn it inside out and see the coloured part of the Nepalese sari. Watch the video to see for yourself. It's 2 bags in 1! With a natural side (hemp) and a coloured side (sari). Samanatha is made from 99% of sustainable materials, a result achieved by combining the world's most environmentally-friendly natural fibre, hemp, with upcycled materials. The lining is an upcycled Nepalese sari (traditional Nepalese garments recycled to prevent their destruction). The result is unprecedented, unique, silky and joyful! To make Samanatha more solid and rigid, a layer of upcycled Nepalese rice sacks (used rice sacks that we clean and recycle) has been added between the hemp and the sari. It will also provide extra protection against the elements. Samanatha meansequality"in Nepalese. A shoulder bag that is sustainable and responsible throughout its production process. Product developed by Joséphine & Lucas from Himalayan Made!