Hemp oil in cosmetics

Hemp seed oil may be a treasure for the inside of our bodies, but it's no less of a treasure for our skin! In fact, it contains two essential fatty acids, linoleic acid (family of Omega 6) and alpha linolenic acid (family of Omega 3), in large quantities and remarkable proportions: about 3 to 1.

Our skin and hair are crazy about hemp oil, because it's so gentle on the skin. hydrolipidic film is made up of roughly the same proportions as this one.

Hemp oil is therefore considered to be a dry oilIt is quickly absorbed and does not leave an oily layer on the skin.


For our skin

  • Anti-ageing, regenerating, revitalising thanks to its essential fatty acids, which combat the effects of free radicals and stimulate the regeneration of the skin's hydrolipidic film.
  • Calming, it has a soothing effect on redness and irritation.
  • Highly emollient, it reduces water loss and protects the skin from dehydration.
  • This "dry" oil penetrates quickly, without leaving a greasy film, and is very popular for massages.
  • Firming and softening, it helps maintain the elasticity and youthfulness of your skin.

For our hair

  • It nourishes the hair fibre and improves elasticity and volume.
  • Smoothing, it makes combing easier.
  • Adds shine to hair.