Reveal your skin's natural radiance with our Belgian hemp skin care products. Natural and organic ingredients. Opt for radiant skin.

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Organic Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is often considered the champion of vegetable oils. It is obtained by cold pressing of hemp seeds. The result is an oil that is very rich in essential fatty acids. omega 3 and 6 and in minerals.
A real treasure for your body, it contains 18% omega-3 and 58% omega-6.
Its delicious green flavour will add a touch of spring to your dishes! It goes wonderfully well with raw vegetables, sauces, vinaigrettes, meat, fish, etc. Use it cold to preserve all its benefits.

Pure organic hemp oil

Thanks to its high omega-6 and omega-3our pure organic hemp oil restores softness and elasticity of the skin, revitalizes dry skin and mature skin, and effectively combats skin dehydration.
  • 100% organic hemp (BE-BIO-03)
  • Hemp seeds from our production chain and cold-pressed in our workshop.
  • Vegan
Pure and natural, our virgin hemp oil penetrates easily and deeply into the skin and leaves a non-greasy feel.

Organic hemp oil soap

Soap ultra-soft with hemp oil. Cold-saponified from ingredients 100% natural and organic. Fragrance-free and free of essential oils, it is suitable for body and the face and is very gentle on the toddler skin. By fusing extra-virgin olive oil, coconut butter and shea butter with organic hemp oil, this soap offers an exceptional skin care experience. a sensory experience that deeply nourishes.

Hemp - Nettle - Marshmallow Shampoo


Shampoo for normal hair (90 gr)

Gives you a beautiful mousse for sheathed, hydrated and toned hair.

Hemp Milk & Lavender Soap - 125gr


Cold-saponified soap. Surgras 6%.

Use it every day to cleanse your body.

Cannavie Gift Card

Immerse your loved ones in the soothing world of hemp with our gift card. Give your loved ones the opportunity to discover an exclusive range of quality products, carefully selected for their effectiveness and benefits.