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About hemp

None, or almost none! "Chanvre" and "Cannabis" actually refer to the same plant. "Chanvre" is the French translation of the Latin word "Cannabis". It is more commonly referred to as hemp for varieties containing less than 0.2% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) for seed and fibre production. These varieties are more commonly known as cannabis for varieties with a higher THC content and intended for medical and/or recreational use.

Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) is an annual plant belonging to the Cannabaceae. Its only botanical cousin is the hops (Humulus Lupulus). The first traces of its use by humans date back to 8,000 BC. It is considered to be a super-plant because it is capable of satisfying the four basic human needs: food, shelter, clothing and healthcare. 

Hemp refers to the Cannabis Sativa L. plant, while CBD (cannabidiol) is a plant derived from the same plant. compound extracted from hemp. Hemp has a variety of uses, while CBD is exploited for its relaxing properties.

No, hemp is naturally gluten-free. It is therefore suitable for people suffering from coeliac disease or gluten intolerance.

Our commitment to organic quality ensures that our products are free from harmful pesticides and additives. That's why, by choosing our products, you're opting for an approach that respects the environment while promoting your well-being. We have an organic label.

From our plantations to your plate, each stage of our manufacturing process is carried out with care to ensure that the natural benefits of hemp are preserved. We carefully craft our products from organic hemp that we grow responsibly through our production chain. In the event of temporary stock shortages, we may source our products from outside Belgium.

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Organic certification: BE-BIO-03

Yes, we respect Belgian legislation in every respect. Note that the THC level in our formulas (where it exists) is below the legal level of 0.2%.

About our CBD oils

According to numerous international studies, CBD helps relieve pain and anxiety and also promotes better quality sleep. Although many users report improvements in their lifestyle and general well-being with CBD, it is essential to note that these products are not medicines and do not treat or cure any disease. Everyone reacts differently, and it's important to know your own reaction to any new product you consume. As far as CBD is concerned, it is advisable to check the quality of products by examining, for example, their provenance and the results of laboratory tests.

The CBD concentration best suited to your needs depends on various factors such as your individual tolerance, the reason for taking CBD and your personal preferences. It is recommended to start with a lower concentration (e.g. 5-10 mg per dose) and gradually adjust according to your individual response. Always consult a healthcare professional for personalised advice.

Concentrations :

5% - Ideal if you're new to CBD. It will help you maintain a general sense of well-being

10% - Helps combat stress, mild anxiety and moderate pain.

20% - Generally recommended for more serious health problems, chronic pain, chronic insomnia or more severe symptoms.

Belgian legislation does not allow us to recommend any use for our CBD oils. We invite you to keep up to date with CBD legislation in 2024.

How often you should take CBD oil depends on a number of factors, such as what you're using it for, your weight, your metabolism, and the CBD concentration of the oil you're using. It's always advisable to start with a low dose and gradually increase until you find what works for you.

There are no contraindications to taking CBD on a daily basis. We recommend starting with small doses and adjusting as you go along, according to your needs.

The best time to take CBD can vary according to personal preferences and needs. Some people prefer to take it in the morning for a relaxing day, while others prefer to take it in the evening to promote sleep. You can also spread your intake over the day.

An extract from Full spectrum (full-spectrum), retains all the cannabinoids, including THC, as well as terpenes and flavonoids.

An extract from Wide spectrum (broad spectrum), which includes other cannabinoids such as CBG, eliminates THC, making it legal in many parts of the world. 

L'CBD isolate can be obtained from the broad spectrum extract through a process called crystallisation.

We recommend that you store CBD oil in a cool, dry place, preferably away from light. It can also be stored in the refrigerator. 

The oil can be kept for 6 months to a year after opening. 

As a precautionary measure, we advise against taking CBD oil during pregnancy and while breast-feeding. Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor.

We advise you to seek advice from your doctor before taking CBD oil to avoid any negative interactions with your medication.

CBD, or cannabidiol, does not produce a euphoric effect. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), another cannabinoid found in cannabis, CBD has no psychotropic effect. In other words, it won't get you high or give you a general feeling of euphoria. However, some people may experience a feeling of relaxation or stress relief after consuming CBD.

CBD is not generally considered addictive. Unlike THC, which can be addictive for some individuals, CBD does not have the same addictive properties. Studies have shown that CBD does not affect the same areas of the brain associated with addiction as THC. 

General information

No, we don't have a physical shop... yet!

Find our products on our online shop or from our dealers.

Payment is made online by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) or by bank transfer. 

In accordance with the law, the consumer has the right to notify the seller that he renounces his purchase, without penalty and without giving any reason, within 14 working days from the day following the delivery of the product or the conclusion of the service contract. This right of renunciation does not apply to professional buyers.
Within this period, the consumer must notify his intention to withdraw by email and return, at his expense and risk, the product delivered, to the address of Cannavie: 101 Rue Fond des Saussalles, 1457 Walhain.
Products must be returned in their original packaging, undamaged, with all accessories and the original invoice/delivery note.
Products returned must not have been unpacked, unsealed or used in any way. Goods that are incomplete, damaged or soiled by the customer will not be accepted.


For more information about returns, please visit our general terms and conditions of sale.

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